ETS Projects in 2019
monday 2 march 2020

In 2019 we did some noteworthy projects on industrial steamsystems. It was in general a busy year. 

•    We were happy to train all technical personnel of a dutch boiler supplier according to de VPS certification. Although these people were not dedicated boiler operators we were proud this company entrusted us to increase the general knowledge on industrial steam systems for their technicians. We trained 45 people and all but one passed their certification exam.

•    We were involved again on the steam system of the worlds largest soy oil factory in Egypt.

  • Trouble shooting on their 35 ton back up boiler
  • Efficiency discussion on their 70 ton main boiler
  • Damage report on their 4500 kW steam turbine
  • Trouble shooting on one of the new flash steam vessels in their production

•    Our average customer has a steam capacity from 5-100 ton/h at a full continuous production plant. And for us as technicians “big is beautiful” but an inspection at a 200 kg/h boiler at a daytime production facility was something new for us. Due to neglected maintenance and the lack of knowledge our inspection report was just as long as any 100 ton/h boiler installation. Even small boiler systems need dedicated attention.

•    We assisted 3 customers in buying a new boiler system: 2, 20 and 75 ton/h capacity. Writing RFQ, comparing offers and discussions with bidders helped our customers with making the right decision for their new system.

•    In 2019 a student physics, from the University of Utrecht, did a benchmark project for some of our customers: compare steam systems with each other based on Total Cost of Ownership. The outcome was not that surprising: a lot of energy might be saved and up till now there is too little interest in saving energy in existing plants. 
If you want to receive a copy of the outcome, just let us know.
We decided to continue this project in 2020, so if you want to receive a report on your installation and to anonymously compare your installation with other industrial systems you can still join in on this project for the small investment of € 400,--. Info: or +31 (0)6 41 42 08 67

•    One of our customers does technical inspections on boiler systems, worldwide. For their African branche they hired a new technician. He already had quite some experience in Africa as wel as with technical energy systems. We trained this guy according to VPS certification and joined him during a 3 weeks inspection program in Nigeria. After this program he was well equipped to start his career as international boiler inspector.